Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Favorite Place: The Met Museum Medieval Galleries

My favorite place in New York City is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in its Medieval galleries...

I found long ago that walking through these low-lit rooms, peopled with the most human of faces and gestures, gives me a sense of calm and security, especially comforting to experience in this particular year of unsettling developments. Though that must too have prevailed in the medieval world...it just seems as though the artists who created these images, mostly sculptural but also two-dimensional, somehow secured the best of the human spirit and one can go there and bask in its warmth.

Whatever the attraction they have for me, it is very sustaining to go there and stand in front of one or another of them as they quietly prevail. Over the years I've attempted to draw my favorite ones. One in particular I will post up ahead: a chalk drawing of a polychrome madonna and child that I first was so attracted to when on a field trip there in my first year at Pratt Institute. Over the years other drawings were done in these same galleries, drawings in pen and ink that I would paint at home. Many of these I've had framed in unusual moldings which seem to resonate with their origins in the 12th and 13th centuries. I want too to write a blogpost about framing and its great gift to art and artists,...the unique closure, and subtle strengthening, not just physical, that it provides the artwork.

Here is some of my work in homage to the origins there in the Met.